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The Black Filter and Fluoride Filter Domestic Tap Primer Kit

New Blue Primer Kit now comes included with all Berkey Systems.  For those purchasing prior to January 2023, the fast priming, Primer Kit is fantastic in aiding the priming of both Black and White PF2 filters, using a domestic tap.  It helps to fully saturate the inner pores of the black filters to give a maximum flow rate.   The Priming Kit is a useful tool if you have problems priming.  Click the Image to purchase the Primer Kit.

The Latest Berkey Water View for Steel Systems

The latest new Berkey Water View.  All steel, sleek new look.  Sight View is available in 3 sizes, for the Travel and Big size 7 and for the Royal 10 and 13 for the Imperial and Crown.  Available on the shop page for purchase.  Click the Image to go directly to the Shop page and choose a size according to your System. 

The Berkey System Testing Red Dye

The one teaspoon, Red Dye Test is the amazingly simple and instant way to verify you have assembled your system correctly and also how you can keep an eye on your Black Filters throughout their life span. 

The Red Dye is also available in Dunnes Stores and SuperValu under Goodalls and both Dunnes and SuperValu’s own Brand.  Look in the Baking Section for food artificial Red Colouring.  Click the image to the left to purchase the Red Dye. 

The original primer pump for Black Filters only

The Berkey Primer Pump is made for customers who have no access to a domestic tap to prime their filters.  The filters can be primed using any standard shaped tap, indoors or out but without access to either, a Primer Pump is needed.

 For off grid use, the Primer is essential tool to assist in using the Berkey Black Filters.  Click the image to the left to purchase the Primer Pump. 

The Berkey Stainless Steel Tap

The Berkey Stainless Steel Systems, Steel Tap is an optional substitute for the standard black spigot supplied with every Steel System.  They are a beautiful option to compliment your Steel System or for a more robust Tap where there is constant use.  Click the image to the left to purchase the Steel Tap. 

The Stainless Steel Stand

The Steel Stand is ideal to give extra height to any of the Steel Systems and provides greater options on a suitable space to keep your Berkey System.  Before purchasing, check the Catalogue and use a measuring tape to estimate the height this brings your system to, it is important for users to be able to, comfortably pour water into the top and also to extract water from the lower drum tap.  Used constantly, any stretching would become a nuisance.  Check your height needs here Catalogue .  Choose according to your System, the size options, Small – Travel, Medium-Big, Large-Royal, Extra Large-Imperial and Crown.  Click the image to the left to purchase the Steel Stand 

The Bio Drops for use when Extending Life of Stored Water

The Berkey Bio Drops are used as part of the process of storing water.  Click the link here to find out what Bio Drops do and how they help in the process of Storing Water.  Bio Drops .  Click on the image to the left to purchase Bio Drops.

PF2 Berkey Fluoride Filters

For use with municipal water via Council or Corporation services.  Those with wells and group schemes generally don’t need these filters, check with your group scheme to be sure.

Fluoride Filters deal with fluoride to a very high level, this level is relative to the amount placed into the water in the first place.  Test done in Ireland correspond exactly with those done in the United States when last tested. More information on Fluoride can be found at the end of the INFO page or Berkey Information Centre.  Also in our Data Library, go direct to the Fluoride Filter pages here.  Berkey PF2 Fluoride Filter .  Click on the image to the left to purchase PF2 Fluoride Filter Set

The Bekey Stainless Steel Systems Family

5.5 Litres