When it come to goods that look and seem like a similar product, for a manufacturer, this form of  imitation may be flattering however, for the consumer the similar product satisfaction stops at the design. Further appreciation demands hard work in verification, what looks like and states authentic or acts like is impossible to verify just what it is other than looks, it won’t be a Berkey Filter.  The Berkey NMCL provide independent data backed by  decades of industry experience and knowledge. Choosing a system based on ‘looks like’ or supposedly does same is a cautious awareness, for the online shopper.  Discerning what is real and what is false,  is an absolute must when it comes to science based product.  Finding a just like will not have any need to provide quality.  There is no financial benefit in cheap fakes and quality so when it comes to keeping scientific industrial standards, they have little requirement in that area other than appearances.

Choosing a verifiable dealership by direct access to the list of dealers, you can find this link, via the Logo placed on the footer of our Home page.  Buying from 3rd party super sites, requires caution.  Many have no way to verify the authenticity of the dealership.  We recommend to book ahead, for filters to make sure they are available for you when you need them.  For general stock, if we don’t have the stock in, please make an inquiry as to when it will be in, for all stock available at the factory we can put you a list and notify when the stock is in or hold stock for you until you are ready to pay. 

Sometimes Flattery leads to Fallacy.

What Berkey NMCL have to say on imitations

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