Thank you for all your loyalty and support during these difficult times.  We are focused on staying ahead of difficulties in 2023.
 Please make sure our contact is in your email contacts list, to avoid spam delays.  To search for us online in the future, use berkey water and .ie, there are many foreign dealers targeting Ireland this has caused confusion and time for many customers.  Currently the only way to avoid is to put both berkey water followed by .ie, this should bring up our website.
For 2023 supply we strongly recommend purchasing months ahead to avoid any problems on supply.

The 2023 supply issues are now resolved, we hope this will mean a continued supply going forward,  Given the current problems post 2020 still within the markets, buying ahead is the only way to avoid gaps completely. 

Berkey Shower filters are not currently available and will not be available for some time.



We will continue to monitor all Stock situations and keep customers informed, all efforts are being made to resolve all supply and production problems within the United States, currently affecting Stock and thus supply.  These efforts are moving ahead, this should bring about an end to the supply uncertainties presented at the beginning of 2023, over the coming months, as the year progresses.