Berkeywater Ireland, Europe

Who is Berkey Water, Ireland, Europe?

Berkey Water Ireland, provide Berkey products to the whole island of Ireland, Europe and beyond.
All Berkey, Ireland and Europe trading is carried out from Ireland, we are fully based in Dublin, Ireland. 
Berkey Ireland, has been trading since 2017.  Over the years, there have been many ups and downs.  Initially, our customer base consisted mainly of professionals from all over the world working in Ireland.  Especially, workers from America were anxious to know if they could get a Berkey in Europe, while working in Ireland.   In that time, we have built up the brand name and product awareness to the extent that most of our customers are now Irish.  This is mainly down to the customers whom we have had the pleasure to serve.  In their own recommendations, they have gone above and beyond to let their friends and neighbours know about the Berkey System.  From the many conversations and emails of support, we are very grateful to have such a special customer base.  It makes our task a pleasure and worthwhile knowing all we do and the brand we choose to retail is appreciated by those we deal with daily.  
In recent times, during ongoing supply and shipping issues, many customers have had to look elsewhere for supply.  It was difficult to offer support on these occasions, as many of the supply options, only showed up at third party outlets, and customers then found it difficult to verify the source of the supplier.  These significant problems around general purchasing through e-commerce, online are now a very big problem.  We have made it a rule, not to trade in third party spaces, due to the difficulty of identifying authentic stock.
To respond to customer suggestions and requests, to provide an overview of who we are, how we trade, where we trade from.  Berkey Water, Ireland, Europe,, and on social media @BerkeyIE.   We are who we state,, IE. 
As an ecommerce retail trader, trust and authenticity in trading is important for purchasers to know who and where a business is based.   We fully trade from Ireland, Europe, where our goods are stored, warehoused, packed, and shipped from.