Berkeywater Ireland, Europe

Who are Berkey Water, Ireland, Europe?

Berkey Water Ireland, provide Berkey Products to the whole Island of Ireland, both regions, to Europe and beyond.
All Berkey, Ireland, Europe trading is carried out from Ireland, we are fully based in Dublin, Ireland. 
We ship to the whole Island of Ireland, both Regions, Continental Europe and beyond. 
Berkey Ireland, are trading in Ireland since 2017.  Over the years, there has been many up’s and downs.  Initially, our customer base was mainly foreign professionals working in Ireland from all over the world but especially America.  In that time, we have built up the brand name and product awareness to the extent that most of our customers now are Irish.  This is down to the customers we have had the pleasure to serve, down the years, who have gone over and beyond to let their friends and neighbours know about the Berkey System.  From the many conversations and emails of support, we are very grateful to have such a special customer base.  Makes our task a pleasure and worth while knowing all we do and the Brand we choose to retail is appreciated by those we deal with daily.  
In recent times during ongoing supply and shipping issues, many customers have had to look elsewhere for supply.  It has been difficult to offer support on these occasions as many of the supply options, only showed up on third party outlets, and customers then found it difficult to verify the source of the supplier.  We have made it a rule, not to trade on 3rd party spaces.  It is more important than ever to avoid problems in identifying links and sources on authorised outlets and authentic stock, this issue is not simple on external outlets.   
Other aspects also matter, such as ethical and honest presentation and trading.  Following customer difficulties in being able to identify the origins and authenticity in their Berkey Searches, as the general search returns have become crowed with data leading to problems identifying their results.  Requests have been made, to provide this information and to have it accessible on our website in a prominent place, we are answering that need here.   
To answer these suggestions and requests, we wish to provide an overview of who we are and how we trade and where we trade from.  Berkey Water, Ireland, Europe, and on Social Media @BerkeyIE.  We do not use any other form of url impressions relating to other European domain extensions. Such as .be. fr. dk etc.  We are who we state,, IE we are not as a subsidiary.  
Our business is fully living, working and contributing, Irish and our only website currently is,  None of our advertising state or use the names of other Countries to generate the impression of being part of, located or based in other locations.  Any use of other country names, are strictly to state the locations we ship to.
Although we do trade to Europe and beyond we do so openly and honestly.   We fully trade from Ireland, where our goods are stored, warehoused, packed, and shipped from and state this here and on our contact page..  
All of our customer service and extended packing support, live and work in Ireland and contribute to the Irish economy with some services based in Holland and other European countries. . 
We utilise the following Irish and European providers and services, are proud and happy to do so based on their high standards, which has been so far, second to none. 
DigiWeb Broadband Co. Louth, 
Cyclone warehousing, Dublin 11, 
SortMyBooks, Co. Kerry Accounts Software, 
Fire, Irish Banking and International Banking, Dublin, 
Accounts Book Keeping Services, based in Co. Dublin, 
Grid Finance, Dublin
International Services based in Europe 
Ecwid Cart Provider based Europe and USA,
Financial Services, Multisafepay, Holland
Garton Foreign Exchange, 
YouLend, Ireland and Europe