What a difference a Berkey makes! Over the last decades, the access to throw away water by disposable plastic bottles, has become in our time an essential for human existence, just about everywhere, use of plastic disposable bottles is a norm. How or Why, may be found on other pages and on many another sites. This new habit has created zillions of plastic throw away bottles and has become a lifestyle choice across every aspect of work and play.

Our job, as a e-commerce retailer at @BerkeyIE, is not to wonder at the positive or negative aspect of all this but to be active in letting you know, that there are tangible and effective solutions (Berkey Systems) and our humble task in all this, is to sell these options to you. The rest is up to you, to think, to change, modify changes in your own habits around water consumption. Our focus, is on solutions and helping to work towards making every day in our lives, as good today as a thousand of years ago. Doing so in one simple task, aiming to make it possible for everyone to find fresh clean water, whether at home or our and about and on the move. Berkey systems have a size to fit, with Big Berkey to Crown Berkey or on the go, Travel Berkey or Sport Berkey Berkey, make it all simple.

Did you know there were once upon a time, traffic jams on the road between the East and West in ancient Ireland, Chariots had to wait long lengths of time for traffic to move on. Some things have come full circle.

Aside from the similar traffic problems, we still like great food and an easy life, so that has remained the same. Also the same is the need to access fresh drinking water, places to rest, transport that works and ways to communicate, we can be sure, the same colourful language filled the air in the 6th century as in 21st when it comes to a broken wheel or flat tyre.

Some things should be changing and some things should never change, fresh water is certainly one of those things that should stay pure and clean as possible. We are, after all made up of water to a very large extent. Finding pure water is virtually impossible, the task of cleaning up and purifying water to the best possible levels is something Berkey Water, has excelled at, over last number of decades. There are many options on the market, but few could compare to water of a thousand years ago. There are many high end taps taps that stop short of singing a tune as you dispense the water. However, it is not water or anything like water drank a thousand years ago, it looks good, certainly can do many performances but it can’t produce water purified and filtered the same way a Berkey can. Berkey Water, as a Gravity Fed Purification Filter System, removes the modern contaminants and water chemical treatment additions and gives back clear, clean natural and organic fed mineral water. This is a fundamental difference between taps that do it all and the Reverse Osmosis system.

Taking a trip, spending all day at your desk, playing sport, active in dance or just knocking around socially with friends. Find a ‘now’ solution as good as your relatives had in the past. From the Sport Berkey to the a commercial or event systems for use in catering or science. Home or Work, there is a Berkey Water System available in Ireland, Europe for you. Enjoy the same rock and same water channels and paths of ancient water today with almost equal clarity and taste. Berkey Water provides the best option today, for your home, health and family.

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