What a difference a Berkey makes! Over the last decades, without much thought about it, the throw away access to water, an essential to human existence, has become a fact of life, just about everywhere. How or Why is another page on another site. This new habit has created zillions of plastic throw away items, as a disposable lifechoice now used by most of the earths populations, in every aspect of living, work, home, play.

Our job, as a e-commerce retailer at @BerkeyIE, is not to wonder at the positive or negative aspect of all this but to be active in letting you know, that there are tangible and effective solutions (Berkey Systems) and our humble task in all this, is to sell these options to you. The rest is up to you, to think, to change, modify or even bother to consider further changes in habits in general. Our focus is on living now and helping to work towards making that living as good today as thousands of years ago, doing so in one simple task, making it possible for everyone to find fresh water, at home with Big Berkey to Crown Berkey or on the go with Travel Berkey or Sport Berkey, simple.

Did you know there we once had traffic jams on the roads in ancient Ireland, on popular routes, chariots would wait long time for lines to move.

The difference now though is not so much, how we live, love, work, rest and play but how we use land, sea we all like great food and an easy life, so all still the same there. We still need access to fresh drinking water, places to rest, transport that works and ways to communicate, you can be sure the same colourful language filled the air in the 6th century as it does in 21st when a flat tire or broken spoke on a chariot came up, probably even same words as Gaelige used today!

Somethings should be changing and some things should never change, fresh water is certainly one of those things. We are after all made up of water to a large extent. We don’t get through the day without water of some sort, tea, coffee, juices so on but also just water, the point being liquids are essential and thee most essential, is water.

Taking a trip, all day at your desk, playing sport, in dance or just knocking around with friends for that necessity of life you have a choice, a now solution and it comes in just one bottle (Sport Berkey). One that lasts a long long time. Or you can just keep going, without reviewing current habits and be aware of better ones, if you are too young to remember a world where throw away containers for water were anything but normal.

Fresh perfect filtered water is possible all day every day with Berkey Water Systems in Ireland, Europe and across the World

With Sport Berkey using the same bottle, for as long as you keep or care for it, is a real option.

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