Going Away for Long W

Leaving Your Berkey Behind-

Holiday Travel / Extended Weekend

For traveling over Night with a chance of extending for over 3 days or up to 7 days?
A good Habit is to take the Berkey Filters out and Place them into the normal Part of the Fridge, use a Large
Freezer Bag with an air Seal.
Up to 72 hours
there is no need to do anything more than keep the tank full and change the water when you return.
Time to Travel
For over 7 Days – Before Traveling, prioritise the Removal of the Black Filters on your ‘To Do’ list.
Create an outside space for the filters to dry out, without contact with rain or snow and where air is not restricted.
Run off a supply of water to use over the 3 days. The filters will dry out over the 3 days prior to leaving.
Take your dry filters indoors and store in normal conditions, no excessive heat, moisture or freezing_ air.  Keep covered from any possible dust etc.
Once you return, Re-prime the Filters and assemble as normal according to the initial set up videos.