Our Return Policy

Return time is 14 days, see further detail below                    

 We sincerely wish you never have any reason to contact us after you receive your purchase however in the whirl of life sometimes the odd situation may happen.  If you have cause to need our help in this matter please read the policy below carefully and then contact us for the detail on how to return by emailing;  marking subject Return Help



 It is the responsibility of every customer to inspect their order for accuracy and any damage to the order immediately upon receiving their delivery for every order.  Contact us immediately if there is any issue on are responsible only for goods sold on our website as independent distributor and goods bought elsewhere must be dealt with at source of purchase.   Where is such an issue contact us immediately to arrange the return process, postage will be refunded where it is deemed there is a unlikely occurrence of a fault during transit etc. Otherwise for exchanges return post is by the customer however we will pay posting/shipping on the new product once the exchanged items  are returned perfect and any difference in cost has been paid. 


This information is only if your order was purchased through us as an authorized Berkey® distributor, if purchased anywhere else please contact that distributor source.  If your order was purchased on Amazon’s marketplace and fulfilled through/by Amazon, please contact Amazon for their return policy. 

If your order is incorrect, missing an item(s), or is damaged upon receipt, you may request a replacement at no cost must contact us within 14 business days from the date of product delivery and at immediate on point of opening the goods to  We will arrange to send any damaged or incorrect item(s) back to us. Replacements and store credits will be issued only after we receive the product and determine it is in “good order” as defined in the Return Instructions given in our email which we will send on initial contact made regarding the item to be returned. If your request for a replacement or store credit is made after 14 business days from the date of product delivery, you will be responsible for the cost of posting the damaged or incorrect item(s) back to us.  Refunds will only be considered if the return request is made on the return portion of the website site within 14 business days of product delivery, notifying us as soon as opening and checking item. No exceptions will be made for refund requests submitted after 14 business days of product delivery. Refunds will be issued only after we receive the product and determine it is in “good order” as defined in the Return Instructions sent to you on initial inquiry regarding how to return.  

If you wish to cancel an order before it has been processed, we will issue a cancellation and refund the amount of the order. 

Defects caused by misuse to the item or improper operation are not covered under this policy. If you determine the item to be damaged by the carrier service, please contact the carrier service and complete a damage report. We can file a claim for you only at the carrier’s request.


All sales Returns for Berkey Biofilm Drops™ and Potassium Iodate bottles must be unopened and the safety seal under the plastic cap must be intact.  All sales for third party products such as holders jugs or other items must be done immediately on opening after checking received goods and return contact made within 10 working days or as soon as checked and opened which ever is first.