Setting Up and Using your New Berkey

Welcome back to Water you can Taste

Before you begin using your Berkey. Take note of the 3 day water rule, Water decays over time.

If water is not refreshed in 3 days throw the water out. Don't leave the Black Filters sitting in any level of stale water. If the filters are left in stale water for days, they can't be used and need to be disposed of. Keep the filters submerged at least once a day in Fresh Water. Follow the rules for going away if you are not using the system, daily.

The filters soak up the water and hold it within passing through each run of fresh water, leaving the water trapped within the filter is the same way a Jug left for Days or weeks is not Drinkable. Water needs to be fresh.

Water that Rots in the System will create a Brown Ring on the Filter. (Exception; where water is high iron has natural brown staining.)

Water can with the correct methods be store for long periods but not left to go stale.
Weekends Away - Leaving your System How to Manage Filters

Setting Up your Berkey System

1. Unboxing
UnBox Carefully - The Black Filters come in Flip Over Cardboard Box - Take Care removing the Filters, put them on a towel or something similar to make sure they don't roll off and break.

Give the System and parts a basic rinse, the drum, lid, spigot tap. For Non Filter parts use warm water with a small drop of liquid. Do Not Use WashUp Liquid or Soap anywhere near the Black Filters or White PF2 Filters, just the System Parts can be cleaned.
2. Prime Your Black Filters - Priming Opens the Pores for Fast Flow
Use the Blue Primer Kit - This is an amazing aid that will fully saturate your Filters like never before and Using the Blue Primer gives a really Fast Flow. If the Blue Primer Sock is not right for your tap, use another tap that has a standard spout. Use gloves if water is very cold and keep a hold on the Blue Primer so all the water flows into the Filter rather than squirting out.

In under 5 minutes your Filter is now Primed do likewise with the second and subsequent Filters. For PF2's have a different Primer Method see Below.
3. Assemble the Black Filters inside the Top Drum
The Rubber Washer on the base of your Black Filter blocks seepage and the Nuts at the end of the Filter Rod hold the washer snugly in place.

The Rubber Washer goes between the steel drum base with the holes and the Black Filter. Nuts should not be too loose when turning, be able to firmly hold the filter in place. Tight but do not jam the nuts altogether.
4. Assembling the PF2 Filters and Priming with Blue Kit
Fluoride Filters Assembly

The 3 type of Spigot Taps - Black - Steel - Blue

5. Assemble the BLACK Spigot Tap
Finish off the assembly - the Spigot Washers have to be facing the correct way. If they face wrong way the Spigot will seep. Check here if you have a Leaking Tap.
Assemble the Lid, watch the tiny screw use cello tape if you need to put it down, so not to lose it.

Push in the Plugs into the open Spare Holes in a 4, 6, or 8 Filter System.
6. Assemble the STEEL Spigot Tap
7. Assemble the BLUE Light Plastic System
8. Where to Put your Berkey - Have a Place Ready to put your System
Find a suitable place for your Berkey - you must be able to reach easy to fill and also easy to extract water, without much bending - Keep away from edges if you have young children. A Berkey System can go on the kitchen counter or it's own customised table, use a stand for height if needed. They also are put in utility rooms. If you are keep a Berkey close to the sink - put an extra barrier between the rubber ring and the sink area to protect from water lodging around base. Stands are available for all sizes but they do also add height. Make sure to keep away from edges if you have small children.

Fill The System To Just Above The Black Filters
9. Must Do - Red Dye Test - Makes Sure the Assembly is correct
Doing The Red Dye Test -

Goodall's Red Food Dye is only available kind and is available in Dunnes or SValu for little over a Euro.

NOTE: For Boil Water Notice You Must Have a Red Dye Test Up to Date or Boil your Water Before Putting through the Berkey
10. What to do if you have a Red Dye Test fail -

Check the Black Washer under the Black Filter on the Rod, is properly in place and is pulled snug by the nut underneath, to seal any seepage of water. If it can be tightened, tighten a little more.

Look and see if the nut is closing tight enough to ensure it pulls the washer snugly to the drum.

Make sure the nut is not loose or turns to easy on the thread.

Check if both filters are failing or just one.
11. Taking Care of your Black Filters - Long Term - Make sure they last their 22000 Litres Life Span
The Rods are very sturdy and do not break unless they get a jolt - never leave them in tightened and move the system and never leave them where they can roll - very easy on a flat surface to roll off and then break










12. Washing The Black Filters -
Take Care to Never Use Washing Up Liquid Use only Tap Water and a regular Scourer - Green flat type in all Super Markets or a Kitchen Wash Up Brush.
13. Solutions for Problems on Flow
If your filters slow down especially in winter central heating to get them started fast again don't take out the filters if they have been primed fully with the Blue Kit. Just keep filling to the Brim until the water dislodges the blockage and moves fast again, it could take a day or two but it will push through.

This is unlikely to happen with a good prime but sometimes central heating can cause, keeping filters submerged at least once a day stops this happening and ensures no areas left half wet in the air.

14. Do not neglect the water in your system - Always follow the 3 Day rule to always use only Fresh Water - Never leave water to sit in the system unused