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Due to the acceleration of an issue notified previously. see The Product-The Company.we have had to take the action of suspending trade until this is fully resolved.  This  is something we should have done earlier but hoped a resolution could be found given the serious situation for all international trading American Industry in general.
With a lack of any American authority acting to bring any end to this urgent issue, it has come to the point, the company, Berkey, NMCL, is effectively out of stock   We therefore have no option but to close trading for the next few months while this Industry versus Governance battle goes on. 
Regardless of where in the world trading happens or what thousands or millions is involved, this now affects and holds implications for all purchasing from any American International business,  as it demonstrates normal 1st world trading regulations and process no longer apply.  As such, this should have the attention of all relevant sectors within America, but clearly does not.
This is the current reality, with a full year now past, the political field in America seems oblivious and indifferent to daily damage to American International trade and reputation.  Trading with any inside targeted American businesses, leaves their international trading purchasers and dealers, in a very unstable situation given American businesses can be randomly be prevented from carrying out their day to day manufacturing to the extent, of having to suspend production.  Unprecedented and unpredictable outside of normal regulated international trading standards.  
 We have prepared our existing customers in advance some months back for this worst case scenario, believing at the time this would not be allowed to continue,  A further update on this regrettable development will go out in the coming week.  
For those wishing to purchase going forward, there are still suppliers with surplus stock at least until their stocks run out. You can also try Berkey Dealers in USA, you may need to contact them to ask for a special invoice to remove the VAT, this will cover the cost of customs, shipping will cost far more but in urgent situations this makes purchase still possible. They may not wish to do this but it is an option where no other exists.  
Other European dealers to look for stock while their stocks last.  

Always try to find a dealer first before resorting to 3rd party due to the major issue on fake products.